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MedBalance Products uses 6 Icons as an organizational template to discuss Health and Science topics for Better Solutions, Health and World.

You need to be able to see both the Forest “Big Picture” and the Trees “specific details” that make up the Forest.

The 6 Icons Methodology will be a “blueprint” to explain nutrition in the context of appropriate timing, systemic approach and assimilation of “ingredients of health” that will bring about a Better and Healthier You.


First Icon indicating the “Big Picture” Ideas


Second Icon are the details that explain or support the “Forest” Points of Emphasis.

A Different Path

Third Icon is a different approach to health by giving the Brain and Body what it needs at the molecular and cellular level.

Upstream Thinking

Fourth Icon is creating Health by preventing a problem rather than trying to cure it.


Fifth Icon represents Animals that have unique survival mechanisms which can provide awareness and insight for the benefit of the human condition.


Sixth Icon represents shared universal concerns common to all people in all countries around the Globe as we can share ideas about
Better Solutions, Health and World.

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To balance medication nutrient deficiencies as personalized solution created with delivery of products to make you a better and healthier You.

Brain Health: Mood, Memory and Movement

Give your Brain what it needs and keep in optimized Balance for better function.

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Pandemic/Vaccine Balance

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Give your immune system a fighting chance....
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DogHealth Balance

Give your dog what it needs protein and endocrine Balance after sterilization procedures
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Caffeine Balance

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About The Author

Paul Michael Willette, MD has an extensive background in treating disease through formal education and 30 years’ experience as a foundation to build upon in forming Global Health Science Solutions LLC.

The traditional background of his formal Medical Education at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and his surgical residency in Berkshire Medical Center (Massachusetts) along with his Trauma Fellowship in Hartford Hospital (Hartford, Connecticut) was a start.

As an instructor of Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM Surgical Instructor) Willette was a pioneer of original thinking to advance Surgery and Medicine.

The most recent chapter in Willette’s career culminates in using his foundation of treating disease to then answer questions about Science and Health through the lens of independent investigator incorporating biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and nutrition for the advancement of brain/body health connections in humans and animals around the globe.

Legacy Goal: Inspire and challenge future generations for a brighter future by stimulating the inquisitive mind and scientific method to answer the question:

What is true?
Better Solutions. Health and World


“Science got us into this…… Science will get us out,”

If there was ever a time to support independent thought regarding Science and help determine What is true? It is now.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC provides independent research and is a “think tank of Ideas” and “diversity of thought.”

Soon to be released books: “Forest and the Trees “ Brain Health: Mood, Memory and Movement takes an in depth look while uncovers the best insight to date on how to avoid dementia and cognitive decline.

Global Pandemic Vaccine Solutions addresses many issues regarding an untold story on all vaccines and provides a more balanced evaluation of gene therapy and its future role in health.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC appreciates public support through donations to provide
Better Solutions, Health and World.


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